Alien Black-Out Junior + Turbovirex

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Black-Out Junior & Disinfectant spray

The season starts again and we play it safe! 

For the young goalkeeper, combine top goalkeeper gloves with the Turbovirex disinfectant spray specifically for goalkeeper gloves. The spray disinfects the gloves from viruses such as coronavirus!

  • INSIDE SEAM: The negative seams make the gloves fit like a second skin.
  • JUNIOR ADHESIVE FOAM: Specially developed 3mm Gorilla Grip adhesive foam for children.
  • DOUBLE WRAPPED THUMB: The latex is pulled over the thumb at the top and bottom for more comfort and grip.
  • NEOPRENE BODY: The backhand is made of neoprene for maximum stability and abrasion resistance. In cold weather it keeps your fingers warm and flexible.
  • ELASTIC SINGLE STRAP: The new elastic strap only needs to be wrapped once around the wrist and fixes the wrist perfectly.

    Tech specs

    All technical product details

    • Cut
      Inside seam
    • Fit
    • Foam
      3mm Gorilla Grip
    • Gussets
    • Grip Protection
      Extended over the wrist
    • Body-Material
    • Closure
      Elastic single strap
    • Wrapped Thumb
    • Finger protection
    • Grip
    • Shock absorption
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Suitable for
      Grass & artificial turf



    In order to obtain full grip, the goalkeeping gloves must be prepared in a special way before first use.

    Activate the grip

    • Wash the gloves under clear, running water or in a sink. The water should be cold or lukewarm.
    • Rub the hands and press them together to squeeze any residual soap from the manufacturing process out of the latex.
    • Repeat this process until you no longer get little bubbles developing
    • Then wring out the gloves well and leave them to dry on a towel or drying rack.

    Important: it’s normal for the gloves to lose a bit of grip after the initial wash. The full grip will only develop after they have been used 1 or 2 times, ideally in training.

    Looking after the gloves

    • After use, moisten the gloves under running water or in a sink. The water should be cold or lukewarm.
    • Spray each glove 4-5 times with our glove cleaner.
    • Rub the cleaner in thoroughly
    • Rinse the gloves thoroughly until there is no more latex
    • Leave the gloves to dry on a towel or drying rack and store in a cool, dark place (e.g. in the cellar) until their next use.

    There is always wear and tear to the rubber grip surface during training and play. This is a normal process but it does not affect the grip.

    • Moisten the gloves before and during use
    • Avoid strong contact with the ground through good technique and impeccable rolling
    • The gloves should always be removed when carrying goals or nets

    Professionals normally only use our goalkeeping gloves for a few weeks, since the demands at this level are extremely high. At T1TAN, you get the same quality as the professionals do.

    At amateur level, most goalies use 3-4 pairs of goalkeeping gloves a year. Therefore, you can assume a working life of 3-4 months. Optimum care and technology can increase this working life.

    Please note that abrasion can start to occur from the very first use. Nevertheless, the gloves can still be used for 3-4 months.


    Do you need help in finding the right size for you? Then just send us a message at or take a look directly here at the relevant table:

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    If you would like to send the gloves back, then you can do so free of charge within Germany and Austria.

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